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At St. Catherine High School, we're defining our future while embracing a tradition more than 73 years in the making. Our mission shapes our vision. But our alumni and friends — our one-of-a-kind community — YOU make that vision a reality. You ensure our students’ success. With a student population of more than 2,500 students, we are one of the largest schools in the Caribbean where many partnerships and fond memories are formed. You help us forge a bold new chapter in our extraordinary story. Together, we will keep St. Catherine thriving and prepare a new generation to lead the way.

A better world — one Conqueror at a time.

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We believe all of us can embrace who we are,
can define our future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission Statement of St. Catherine High School:

To develop the spiritual, social, academic, technical, and physical potential of each student by providing and supervising competent staff and by creating and establishing the necessary infrastructure and environment in which this development can be sustained.


Our Vision

The Vision of St. Catherine High School:

To impart Christian values, attitudes, and principles to enable students to be well-rounded individuals and become agents of change in their community and country. To increase and expand all students basic skills in Mathematics, English, and Science. To improve academic performance in the core subjects. To develop digital-age learning skills by using a creative, self-paced, interactive, inventive methodology to support traditional classroom instructions. To develop in all students an appreciation of the Fine and Performing Arts. To assist students to acquire the necessary attitudes and skills to enable them to adjust to changes in society.

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