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Membership has its privileges

Membership Overview

“Conquering All with Prayer & Work”


SCHS “Conquerors” Alumni, Friends, and Associates. In our efforts to maintain, sustain, and exceed the goals of St. Catherine High School to align with the school’s mission and vision we encourage you to Register to Become a Member Today!  


Our alumni association strives to be an integral arm of support to our beloved alma mater focusing on being an advocate to identify and connect resources with the institution to ensure continuity and success. We seek to execute these deliverables via an array of support systems such as scholarships, programs, and initiatives to bridge the gaps faced by current students and staff to set them up for success with the tools and resources needed

Why Membership Dues Matter?

Through Annual Membership Dues, we seek to accomplish the following programs and more:

  • Scholarships - Tuition, Books, and Exams 

  • Establish Lunch & Nutrition Program

  • Uniforms Assistance

  • Transportation Program

  • Penn Relays Assistance

  • Sports & Recreation Program

  • Support Programs - Institution Facilities Development, Maintenance & Upgrades

  • Public Recognition- Alumni & Other individuals or organizations

Who can be a member?

SCHS Alumni membership is offered to ALL Past Students of St.Catherine High School with additional opportunities for *Associate Memberships.

Annual Membership Dues

  • The Annual Dues for Alumni is $30 
    (Due at the end of each Calendar Year December 31)

  • Associate membership is available to individuals and organizations who want to support us for $20 annually. (Associates have No Voting Rights, Board, or Committee Eligibility)

Benefits of Membership - Register Join Today!

By being a current paid-up member as alumni of St.Catherine High as outlined by our Association’s Bylaws. Registered Paid Members are:

  1. Eligible to vote in our Annual General Meetings
    (Our next AGM is January 2023)


    1. Being Nominated/Selected to become a Committee Member

    2. Aid in the selection of other Committee Members

    3. Being nominated to become a Board Member

    4. Nominate others to become Board Members 

    5. The synergy of brainstorming and idea generation 

  2. Participate as a Volunteer for Events & Activities

  3. Provide support and ideas to a Dynamic & Committed Team

Membership Application

Membership in the St. Catherine High School Alumni Association North East, Inc. (the “Association”) is open to all past students of St. Catherine High School and to all former teachers.

To become a member please complete the information below and pay the annual membership dues of $30.00

Your application will be reviewed by the board. Once approved you will be notified. If your application is not approved your payment will be refunded.


Thanks for registering. See you there!

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